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Staffing agency Europa Recruitment, Ltd. focusing on staff leasing: temporary workers, temporary staffing, employment of foreigners

Let us introduce ourselves,

We are international staffing agency focused on providing staff leasing. We will reliably and flexibly select you agency employees, temporary workers for manufacturing, logistic companies and service sector according to their HR needs. Agency employment of foreigners, European Union member states and employees from Ukraine, hardworking temporary workers is the main specialization of our staffing agency.

Services of our staffing agency

  • Staff leasing (temporary placement of employees, temporary help – agency employees, temporary workers for manufacturing and logistic companies);
  • Outsourcing (sub-units provision on the basis of contractual agreement);
  • Recruitment (search and selection of employees to your staff).

According to your requirements, we will assign to you our employees of following professions:

  • trades & crafts, all manual and technical professions.

We will be happy to provide you:

  • health sector employees,
  • nurses,
  • caregivers,
  • temporary workers for various industries and service sector.

Our staffing agency has extensive database of temporary workers across the Czech Republic.

Recruitment is performed through the staffing agency branches in the Czech Republic, particularly in Brno, Ostrava, Plzeň, České Budějovice, Mladá Boleslav, and also through our subsidiary companies - staffing agencies in different countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Slovak Republic, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine.

As staffing agency we are active member of publicly available database of job offers and demands www.workmarket.cz, which gives us opportunity to use extensive database of job seekers and temporary workers.

Recruitment activities are performed under the License of Ministry of Labor.

Staffing agency Europa Recruitment, Ltd. is insured up to 10.000.000,- kč. Subject of insurance is employer’s liability for damage caused and insurance of employees for damages caused in the performance of duties.